A Very Happy Holidays and All the Best for 2022

A note from Captain Paul Watson

Fifty years ago, in November 1971, I began a voyage that would chart a course for the rest of my life.

I was crewing on the Greenpeace Too on the first ever Greenpeace campaign. The mission was to stop the detonation of a 5-megaton nuclear bomb under Amchitkaisland in the Aleutians, a test that had previously killed large numbers of seals and sea otters.

We failed to stop that test. The detonation took place despite our sailing toward the blast site. But as a result of that voyage, all further tests were cancelled and we went on to oppose French nuclear testing at Mururoa Atoll in the South Pacific before launching campaigns to defend whales and seals.

But in 1977, I felt we had to do more than just bear witness to ecological crimes. We had to intervene and that is why I established the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and a new strategy that I called “aggressive non-violence.”

A half a century later I am still defending biodiversity in the Ocean and I am still writing. Books on strategy, on climate change, on history, whales and seals, and poetry.
In 2022, I will have a children’s book published. It will be titled, We Are The Ocean.

As we enter a New Year and my 51st year as a defender of wildlife and eco-systems, I would like to thank each and every person working to defend and protect our natural world to ensure the survival of diversity and interdependence on this wonderful planet.

The strength of an eco-system depends upon diversity and interdependence of all species and the strength of a movement depends also on diversity and interdependence. We do what we can with our skillsabilities  and education, to solve problems and threats using the strategies of activism, litigation, legislation and education.

Different paths towards the same objective – The future of life and security for all living beings that share this marvelous and wondrous planet.

Thank you for doing all that you do on your end and thank you for helping to spread message and voice to protect our oceans.

Happy New Year!

Captain Paul Watson